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What makes Punch Punch?
Sometimes experience and collegiality is worth more than a grand chateau (OK, we’ll take the chateau if it comes with a butler). The wine business is a friendly industry. We hang out together. We enjoy each other’s company, share tips and discoveries. For Punch Vineyards, a few of us pooled our know-how and connections to make one real good wine, Punch Cabernet Sauvignon. We even invented a scientific formula for our innovative winemaking technique:

Wine Style – Classic Style, Smooth Finish
Punch Vineyards has all the hallmarks of a luxury Cabernet Sauvignon: concentration, complex flavors of black cherry, blackberry, mocha, spice and other notes. Toasty oak, soft, assertive tannins. Good structure and a long finish. Also, Punch Cab is unusually smooth, so you don’t have to wait 15 years to drink it.


There is some controversy in the matter of oak. Yes, you will find clear evidence of oak barrel aging in Punch Cab. But we think that even though oak trees are bigger than grape vines, we like the grape flavors more. And it is through the beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon fruit that we convey our proud California origins.

In winemaking, we pay particular attention to integrated flavors, luscious texture, and a fine, lively finish. It takes more effort to do this for a very appealing price, but as the motto beneath our icon says – Mereto – “You have to earn it.”