The First Super-Californian
Punch Vineyards is very proud of its California roots. Hence, Punch the California Grizzly on our label.

Punch Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted with extra lots from our colleagues’ wineries, home vineyards, and other insider locations, mostly in Napa Valley and Sonoma. Yet, California is loaded with amazing vineyards (e.g., Paso Robles just scored its first 100-point wine) and we’re not afraid to go the extra mile. So don’t be fooled by the California appellation on our label. We’re betting that Punch quality speaks for itself and that our customers won’t care that we don’t have an expensive address – or price.

In fact, Punch is starting a new wine category: Super-Californian. You can sing to it, as in “Super-California-istic, expialidocious…


Slope: The Great Leveler. Huh?
We like hillside sites, close to the coast. Why? Slope makes up for soil type and latitude, so that hillside vineyards in ordinary appellations can match the quality of flatland vineyards in prestige appellations. Slope makes ordinary vineyards extraordinary, draining away nutrients and water, lowering yields and adding character and intensity to wine grapes. This is a concept that most experts think is too complicated for mortal wine consumers to understand. We give our customers more credit, and now you know another one of our secrets.