Punch, Super Icon
Punch the Grizzly is 100% Californian. He may be a big bruin, but he doesn’t alarm the hillside creatures because he’s developed a love of the grape. Not just any grape, though. Notice the knowing look on his face - he’s a wise bear who’s figured out where to find the best fruit, and he settles for nothing less. He’s a Good Time Grizzly. With an “uncanny sense of taste.”


Steve Lagier, Consulting Winemaker
Steve Lagier has been “promoted” to Director of Winemaking because (1) he has ancestors from France; (2) he’s got a good jump shot and (3) he didn’t ask for a company car. Also, he’s an incredibly humble, gifted winemaker.

Steve graduated from UC Davis Enology and was a winemaker at Robert Mondavi for many years. He and his genius wife Carole Meredith saved their money and bought a few acres on Mount Veeder, where they carved out a magnificent small mountain vineyard. His Punch Vineyards wines are great, but if you really want to see what he can do, check out Lagier-Meredith Syrah (Punch has no commercial interest). Lagier-Meredith always garners exceptional reviews. If you time it right, you might get a few bottles before they sell out.

Lee Nordlund, Proprietor
This was Lee’s idea, so blame him.

Prior to Punch Vineyards, Lee was estate director at Mount Veeder Winery and Franciscan Estate. His experience also includes Beringer, Robert Mondavi Winery, Byron, and Arrowood. He is vice president of the Meritage Alliance and serves on the marketing committee of the Mount Veeder Appellation Council. Lee is a native Californian. For California history fans, click here for a video he thinks is fascinating – San Francisco just 5 days before the 1906 earthquake.