How long should I cellar Punch?
Are you nuts? Why wait?

Our back label suggests that you can store Punch Cab up to 6 years after the vintage date because we want you to get on with enjoying life. So here’s a little secret: the fruit for Punch Vineyards is of excellent pedigree: if you lose a bottle in the back of your socks drawer for 10-12 years, Punch Cab will most likely still be very tasty. Your friends will be impressed, but you should probably change your socks.


Is Decanting a Joke?
Sometimes. But Punch Vineyards is made from really good Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, so if you want to get the most out of your bottle, decant it before serving. This helps bring out more of Punch’s complex flavors and aromas, and makes the texture rounder, smoother. Decanting is a snap: just pour the wine from the bottle into anything – you don’t need a crystal vessel (We’ve used teapots, water pitchers, beer steins, etc.). Go on, give it a go!